How to EASILY make $1 583 692 108 827 in one year (yeah, that’s almost $1.6 trillion)

So you want to get filthy rich? No problem pal, just send a dollar worth of bitcoins to my good friends at BitWise, they will take care of you. Make sure to quote my very special discount code SUCKERRR and they will even credit your bitcoin sending fees.

Too good to be true? Are you kidding me? These guys are posting their ads on one of the top crypto sites in the world, it’s called More legit than that, you die.

OK, granted, they may not get you 12% per day, that’s only for guys like me who know the founders and have been grandfathered. So for each $ invested I will get $921,675,991,083,838,259 in a year—that’s almost a quintillion in US parlance, if you have to ask. And believe you me, I am putting in waaaaaay more than one dollar :-)

So you will have to settle for 8% per day. Tough luck. While I’ll be buying up minor solar systems, you’ll have to settle for medium-sizes countries. But that can be fun too!

So what are you waiting for? Open up your wallet and put your bitcoins to work by sending them to the genius guys at BitWise right now. A year from now, you’ll be buying Apple for dessert — and I don’t mean the fruit!

By the way, pal, don’t forget to send me a little something. After all, I have to eat while waiting for my gazillions :-)

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